Max Interviews Jason Shiga Award Winning Author of the New Interactive Book Meanwhile

May 8, 2010

Welcome to Kid Power Radio. I’m your host Max and each week I review what’s happening what’s happening on TV, at the movies, books and music I like ….You get the idea

Today, we have on a great author who wrote the book called Meanwhile. This book is a “path” book and shows you what can happen by choosing chocolate or vanilla as your ice cream flavors. His name is Jason Shiga. Welcome to the show Jason.

  1. Tell a little bit about yourself and the book.
  2. Why did you choose to write the book the way you did?
  3. How did you actually put the book together?
  4. Do you have any books coming up?
  5. Who was your favorite author as a kid?
  6. Who is your favorite author now?
  7. What is your favorite book that you’ve written?
  8. Have you won awards for your books?

Thanks for being on the show Jason!

Check out Meanwhile and all of Jason’s stuff on his website

Remember, you can email me at RADIO STAR MAX at YAHOO.COM

That’s it for now. See you next week. Bye!!

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